Christmobile Fan

The Christian Way News paper contacted me and told me about a fan of the Christmobile.  His name is Joseph Adams he lives at the Mt. Vernon Hospital because of the care he needs. He is a big race fan he said Jeff Gordon was his favorite driver and the 316 Christmobile was his favorite racecar. Rita Hensler of the Christian Way Paper visits the Hospital and asked if there was any way I could stop by and visit with Joseph and the others who live there.  So I took the Christmobile Street car and stopped by to meet and show them the streetcar.

   Joseph’s friend Robin Stroh also is a race fan and she came outside to see the car. Many others came out to see the car I spoke to a lot of nice people there that day. I sent some 8x10 photos down to those who wanted one and for those who live there that couldn’t come outside to see the car. I had a great time and made some new friends.  

Gary E. Sturdivant